Macro trends

1. Virtual experience

The cancellation of public events promoted the adaptation to new promotional activities, supported in digital formats that provide virtual experiences, both socially and professionally.

2. Shopstreaming

E-commerce will become our new normal, a reality that must be adopted very quickly. Finding the balance between different sensations is key: the product must be well featured, it must be promoted simply and effectively, and be appealing in order to enhance the buying experience. The live streaming market, intersecting not only commerce, but also entertainment and community, will become ubiquitous. The existing online sales model will undergo significant changes.

3. Virtual assistance

Increased demand for support from digital assistants and chatbots. Being in lockdown forces you to find new solutions for your company. Ever-increasing technological development also forces us to face the reality of personalised virtual companies, which entertain, educate, heal and foster relationships.

4. A-commerce

The need to keep our distance, as well as the fear of face-to-face contact, will take artificial intelligence and its partnership with robotics to another level. A new generation of automated commerce services is just around the corner.

5. Wellbeing

The search for solutions that promote social well-being will accelerate the development of new experiences, in which technology will play a fundamental role.

6. Virtual Status

According to several market studies, the relationship between material goods and their corresponding status has changed. Nowadays, with an increasing demand for more sustainable consumption, virtual goods become more and more associated with genuine status symbols, pertaining to new technologies are eagerly awaited. And these will not be popular exclusively among young consumers and gamers.

7. Sustainable consumption

In the future, consumption will align with a company’s progress and sustainable development, reflecting the changing purchasing behaviour of consumers.

8. Influence over consumers

Celebrities and experts are no longer seen as the best source of recommendations for products or services. Nowadays, and more so in the future, consumer behaviour will be influenced by friend circles, acquaintances, family members, social networking sites, and web content created by other consumers.

9. New lifestyle

We are witnessing the birth of a new reality imposed on us by COVID 19, one which possesses a new set of needs. Our homes became overcrowded and dysfunctional, now needing to accommodate both remote work and study spaces. Companies, institutions, and public spaces are looking for new layouts that respect social distancing rules. The market will have to follow this trend and integrate this new lifestyle, offering hybrid solutions that maximize comfort and well-being.

10. Craftmanship

The value of craftmanship is today a reality where the names of the “haute couture” of furniture and decoration are positioned, being a fundamental requirement to create a unique and exclusive relationship with a more attentive, informed and looking for differentiation client.

This phenomenon explains the success of some of our industries, which stand out for their remarkable quality and ability to surprise the international market with designed pieces and environments , creativity and an extraordinary customised production, based on the art of manufacture.

11. The customer experience

Nowadays, most brands prioritise transforming the customer experience. Effective communication strategies attract the attention of consumers through ideal scenarios, which encourage the pursuit of memorable experiences and positive emotions.

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